Picture Perfect

We recently had a local photographer come to our farm to snap some pics while we fed cows. If you haven’t ever done this I highly recommend it. What a breath of fresh air to view your farm/ranch though someone else’s lens. We have all attempted to juggle a camera while working hoping to snap that moment that surmises why we make a life at this Ag thing. Occasionally we catch the best shot but it truly is interesting to ask someone else to photograph what you hold near and dear. It’s much different than posing with your family; these shots are on the go, no re takes. As per usual you are immersed in Mother Nature. You get what you get and hope for the best weather.

I told the photographer what time we fed in the morning, I wanted to tell him to come about an hour or two into feeding but my husband insisted we could be done by then so earlier than later. Photographer arrives and I’m still trying to get my toddler to cooperate getting dressed. I have no idea where my husband is at the moment. I assume he’s outside making his first morning check of the herd by the house. Alex catches me running out to the shop to find Cass a different jacket to get photographed in. A jacket that isn’t speckled in calf milk and being held together by duct tape. My son Luke was still in the shower and had “slept in” (It’s 6:30am) after a late night of checking cows. I felt a little flustered but the Photographer, Alex Flett’s relaxed demeanor put me at ease and I was able to admit to him that I wanted to tell him it’s not normally like this, admitted to him about the duct tape on the jacket but the facts are, this is us. My husband and I laughed at this picture. Things don’t always go as planned. We fix things with duct tape, we are rarely picture perfect. Our mittens don’t always match and life on our farm can feel like a beautiful masterpiece of organized chaos. It has never felt more important than now to share our Ag stories. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to share any of my stories that you are fond of.

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