Shipping & Returns


We are brand spanking new which means our inventory sources are still trickling in.  Some are local to us or stocked in full and can ship immediate, such as everything under the Gluten Free tab, other products like some hoodies are being ran on a campaign and may not ship until the campaign has ran its course.  Please review each item and notice if there are special notes in the description re: additional ship times.  Some items may not ship for up to 3 weeks.  When in doubt or question feel free to shoot us a message re: shipping times and we can give you the best date to confirm you will have an item when it is desired.


There is some lengthy mumbo jumbo in the fine print of this site that will refer to 30 days, unopened packages, receipts and shipping costs BUT the future of this company depends on good customer service and part of that is getting feedback and offering support if a customer is not happy with one of our products.  You are welcome to read the fine print that appears during checkout but just get ahold of us at and let us know if you'd like to return an item and we will work on it the best we can until we can find a solution.