Julia | Ag Swag Founder

Hi, I'm Julia...

My husband and I ranch in Eastern Washington. I grew up where we are raising our family. Throw in some cattle, cow dogs, chickens and a haying season that never seems to end and you have the makings of what tends to be a never monotonous life.

Dirk and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary just after our youngest turns 3 this year.  The first time I remember laying eyes on him I was watching him show cattle at the fair. A bit of a flirtation may have taken place but was definitely one sided as he had his eyes on cattle. My husband was born into cattle and by the time he was 12 had his own herd started. He calved out and tended to a neighbor's group of heifers one winter with the help of his father, Ken. His wages were two cows and their calves.  He has been growing that herd ever since.

Most of our marriage and as we grew our herd, I held a job in town. While still working, it became frequent that I would be asked to run for parts before work, help move machinery after work, then make a late dinner when we all got home. Weekends consisted of working with cattle in some form. I left my job almost 4 years ago to be more available to our ranch.   Even though our older boys became extremely helpful, there was always more to do as we grew our herd and then, of course ,our family.

We had Cass in 2016 and my role on the ranch took a different turn. Looking for ways to create income from home while chasing a toddler, Ag Swag was born and I now blog and fill orders for the website I created which designs and sells Ag related hats and clothing. There is disconnect from farm to table for the average consumer so sharing what we do has become a lifeline of its own for us.

Our Products

The products and designs you find here have been inspired by our life raising cattle and a desire to share and promote Agriculture in a meaningful process. We are primarily web based but our products can also be found in Harrington, Davenport, Omak, and Winthrop, WA as well as in small shops dotted across other states, including North and South Dakota, Kansas, Wyoming and Texas.

We look forward to custom orders as well as bulk or wholesale. Message us for more details on our products or if you have any questions.