Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?


We live in a small town.  Technically we live in the country in between 2 small towns. My son, old enough to drive and nearly an adult himself grabbed a stack of paperwork for us and was headed to town to run a list of errands; his last one taking him to an office we needed paperwork dropped off at. While there, a man that looked familiar dropped in the office too and started to visit with Luke.  It was clear the man knew him by the questions and convo he started.  “How is calving going?” “Your mom said you were starting your own herd?” “How was the bull sale?”  The problem is Luke had NO IDEA who he was talking to.  Haven’t we all been there?  What a horrible feeling.  I felt for him.  You want the conversation to last long enough so that maybe you can figure out who you are talking to yet at the same time you pray for it to be over quickly because it’s really an awkward feeling. The only thing worse after that experience is you can’t seem to think straight until you get to the bottom of it. Luke came back and described the encounter and I tried asking questions to figure it out, what they drove, how they dressed, age? Hair??


Luke asked, “You want me to draw you a picture?” I laugh and say “ya Luke” as I hand him a purple crayon.  I am being sarcastic but Luke entertains my request and 12 seconds later…. Viola’ – Purple Crayon man appeared and by gosh if I didn’t guess CORRECT!!  The only way we had direct confirmation was Luke’s Aunt was in the office as well and she was able to verify my guess based on Luke’s sketch.  This may be one of those “you had to be there moments” and I was and it was eye watering hilarious.  If the cattle industry doesn’t end up being in Luke’s future he definitely should look into police sketching or something like that. Twelve second caricatures while you wait.  For now, crayon man (who shall remain nameless) has been placed front and center on our fridge, he makes me smile every time I see him.


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