12-Day Ranching Journal

Cattle fence journal

My husband, Dirk Jacobsen and I ranch in Eastern Washington. Last year we were asked to create a 12-Day journal for our ranch, the following is photos and excerpts for that journal with tidbits from our day to day. I can see why generations before us kept a simple log of daily life on the farm.  It is always interesting to look back the year before and notice when you turned out, worked or seeded something the year prior.  Mother Nature no doubt plays the largest role in that. 

My husband was born into cattle and by the time he was 12 had his own herd started. He calved out and tended to a neighbors (Danver Johns) group of heifers one winter with the help of his father Ken. His wages were two cows and their calves.  He has been growing that herd ever since.  


April 24th (2019) 

In the morning Dirk and Luke both feed. Dirk is headed out to check hay fields and go around pasture before we turn out.

Luke is fixing fence with a rock drill, a drill is required on some of our rock solid pieces of pasture.

I’m ordering vaccines for this weekend, made lunches, headed to town to mail Ag Swag orders and pay property taxes.

Cass, who was supposed to spend the day with me, packed his own lunch box when he saw dad getting ready to leave for the day. A 2.5 year old packed a half eaten can of Pringles and some Easter candy. Dirk didn’t have the heart to say no so now Cass is headed with Dirk for the day.

Last years excerpt is pretty spot on to what we are doing this year.  I think we were roughly 2 days ahead of where we are this year.  12-Day journal continued tomorrow. 


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