Day 2-3 of our 12-Day Ranch Journal

April 25th (2019) 

Dirk and Luke did some prep work on our semi that will be hauling out the cows we worked last weekend. Vaccines arrive via UPS and I stock the shop fridge with the supplies we will use to work the next bunch of calves.

Afternoon the four of us (Cass riding shotgun with Luke on the 4-wheeler) rounded up cattle that will be sorted and hauled to pasture. These pairs were worked last weekend.  My job in this round up is merely to stand in a corner that the calves like to bunch up in making the shot into the gate difficult.  All went smooth; Cass could be heard as he passed by me hissing at the cows. Everyone has their own style of what they call out to move cattle. Cass makes an S sound and throws his arms in the air.

We haul 2 truckloads out; Luke follows in a pickup hauling a portable chute to unload. Cass gets to ride along on the 2ndtrip, it’s now 4:00 and I’m prepping dinner even though it will be much later before we grub.

Luke’s back from the second trip and now making a 3rd hauling a portable corral to the next piece of pasture we will haul to over the weekend. Dirk treats a sick calf.

April 26th (2019)

Feeding cows in the morning and afternoon hauled 2 loads out to Dean’s, a pasture we lease (from Dean Reinbold).  This is a 2.5 hour round trip. Washed trailers out and called it a day.

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