Day 9 and 10 of our 12-Day Ranching Journal

May 2nd

Luke is working with his brother on another farm. They are down in Edwall putting up new fence.

I’m catering and invoicing upcoming events and will run to town later to mail out Ag Swag orders.

Dirk is fixing fence across the road and will have Cass in tow until I’m done in town.  Pee Wee gets a bottle for the first time and does well.

May 3rd

Chicken Coop Tour is this morning and we’re working our last bunch of calves.  I’ve prepped lunch for our work crew and Cass and I await the big yellow bus full of Kindergartners with the best farm questions.

Our crew of 5 finishes early and has lunch in the shop. A neighbor, Chad Overmyer stopped by to visit with Dirk and ended up staying the afternoon and helped load, and haul pairs out after lunch.   

Pee Wee is nursing on her own now.  We should have weighed her at birth, she is the smallest calf I've ever seen but is thriving. 

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