Day 8 of our 12-Day Ranching Journal

May 1st.

Dirk tube feeds Pee Wee. This heifer calf is so tiny and hasn’t figured out nursing on her own. Watching my husband work with our bulls then switch gears to help Pee Wee get nourishment is heart melting. Both take confidence, working with bulls that could kill or injure you and the opposite when working with this tiny calf.  If not fed properly and with tender care it could be fatal or result in injury to her as well. We will feed her this way twice a day while making attempts to get her to bottle feed then nurse on her own from her mama.

Luke and I clean the chicken coop. We’re having a Coop Tour and the Harrington Kindergarten class will be field tripping to our ranch this Friday, an annual event. This class hatches eggs every year and then tours chicken coops in the area.

More cows are hauled out and Dirk and Luke check on the previous pastures to make sure that pairs are all matched up. Luke tubes Pee Wee.

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