Day 11 of our 12-Day Ranching Journal

May 4th(2019)

The morning was filled with hauling and sorting the last of the worked calves. Every load hauled out makes the farm a little bit more still.  I love when the cows come home for the winter, as much as I love when the last load gets hauled out for summer pasture.  It feels like a big sigh.

Afternoon consists of moving the bull’s home, Colton comes home to help.  The bulls have less than 5 miles to trek but bulls have nowhere to be and are on their own time so it takes about 2.5 hours to move them.  Dogs and 4-wheelers meander behind the snorting, mass of Charolais and Angus bulls.

The boys end the day by putting mineral salt into one of our summer pasture pieces.

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