Day 12 of our 12-Day Ranching Journal

May 5th(2019)

The day is spent hauling the final odd pairs out. Everything that couldn’t be hauled in the big trailer gets hauled out today in the horse trailer.

Dirk heads north to pasture we call Egypt after of the name of the grain elevators there.  A small mudslide smashed existing pipe on a spring, new pipe is installed, water running and cows happy.


The weeks ahead will be filled with putting out mineral salt, continuing to fix pasture on the pieces we will move to next. Most of our pastures are situated adjoining which makes pasture rotation easier. Bulls will start getting turned out as well.  Once June arrives it will be the fast paced summer of haying season. This small sigh between turning out and haying season is one of my favorite times of year. As we go forward with our herd our plan it to maintain our own herd size while we help Luke grow his. He has decided raising beef is what he wants to do and the next couple of years will be telling for sure as he becomes even more involved in the process.  This year while we were still calving in March, Dirk sent Luke to the bull sale with a blank check.  Bulls were discussed, a list was made with a budget in mind and off went our 17 year old son to a sale for what will be the future of our herd and his own.  

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  • Betty Black on

    I sure enjoyed your blogs. They brought back the memory of when I rode a combine with Dirk, many
    years ago. Much water over the damn since then. Love your family. Betty

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