Day 5-6 of our 12-Day Ranching Journal

April 28th (2019)

Dirk fed what is left on the ranch this morning. Our haystack is dwindling quickly. He paired up a couple that got separated last night, Dirk and Luke will continue hauling out to two different pastures.

Cass goes with Dad for the last load.  Colton, Luke and their friend Ben (who has been helping us push calves all weekend) and I head to Spokane for dinner out and a comedy show.

April 29th(2019)

Dirk is hauling cows to Lillianthall Mt. (the highest peak in Lincoln County)  it is by far our most remote piece even though it borders a state highway.  The pasture wraps around the entire Mt. and has natural springs; it’s a rustic piece of pasture with areas that are straight up and down. We take our seasoned cows to this piece but always introduce new cows so they can be shown the ropes.

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